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Let’s go for it – experience-based skills training

Recommended age group(s):

14 to 16-year-olds

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The experience-based skills training developed by Kids & Co assists in the choice of career and with job applications. Within the framework of a project week, application materials are prepared based on a concrete employment advertisement. And suitability tests are conducted with the help of practical exercises. In small groups, the school students run through various working stations at which they have to solve unfamiliar tasks under time pressure. For instance, they have to wallpaper a section, make a bed, sew on a button, as well as to disassemble a carburettor, identify plants, understand an English job ad, render first aid, demonstrate general knowledge and a lot more. A trainee and an expert each evaluate the skills demonstrated. Discussing everyday situations, finding constructive solutions and presenting them constitute the next task. Practising job interviews in the form of stress interviews is the last stage of the skills training.


Gerd Kokles

Senior social worker

Phone: 030-99 28 53 79

E-mail: gkokles(at)kids-und-co.de