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British Premier thanks young people

A letter from the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and a remarkable garden at the SONNENECK facility bear permanent witness to a very special project of the year 2008: young people from a class of school drop-outs as well as young people seeking a professional career in the areas of woodworking and landscaping as well as young people from the Canal Boat Adventure Project of the British twin town of Halton designed the English Rose Garden at our facility. The young British participants came up with this idea.

The result is worth viewing: 370 premium roses of the varieties “Fairest Cape” (salmon-pink), “Rebel” (red), “Polar Star” (white) and “Copper Queen”(yellow) – strictly sorted according to colours – are the joy of the visitors today. In addition, there is the rosebush called “Growing Hope” – a donation by the British Prime Minister, who thus marked the German-British friendship as a hopeful sign for the future.

What the young people achieved on this project is worth a special mention: first of all, a circular area of 12 sq.m in diameter was dug up and split into four equal-sized segments with the help of a cross of gravel paths. Plant bowls were arranged around the area and planted with blue lavender. This does not only provide for an aesthetic contrast, it also protects the roses from pest infestation. A circular path around the rose garden was laid out, benches were built and set up, an attractive rose gate was erected at the entrance to the Rose Garden. In doing so, the young people were able to practise various woodworking techniques (sawing, cutting, planing, painting, for instance, with outdoor glaze) and wood joining methods (using nails, screws, dowels, adhesive...).

The actual planting was performed in late autumn within the framework of the bi-national project: exposed to torrential rain, the young people still brought the roses into the soil. The Rose Fete for the inauguration of the Garden was the concluding climax and a “Thank you” for the young builders.

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