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Ramp construction at Liberty Park

Skating at Senfte 10

Rolling sport ramp built by young people is opened

With 4 metres in height, 23 metres in length and 8 metres in width, the meanwhile completed mini ramp is the new landmark of Liberty Park at the SENFTE 10 Sports Youth Club. It’s a magnet for skaters and BMXers, not only from Hellersdorf. As has long become a successful tradition at SENFTE, the later users were involved consistently in the planning and the construction of the facility. For the young people, a long cherished wish came to fruition.

Facts and Figures about the project:

  • The design for the ramps came from BMX pro and World Champion Tobias Wicke. He once trained at Liberty Park himself and helped in developing it.

  • 120 BMXers and skaters participated in the vote on the designs.

  • 5 months construction period from July to November 2012:

    • Tobias Wicke established contact with the construction team of Mellow Park – Europe’s largest skater and BMX park for professionals and amateurs, with Pan-European experience in building ramps.

    • The Mellow Park team produced all round sub-structures and model frames for the tables and delivered these in August 2012.

    • Young people of the vocational training workshops at SONNENECK put in the point foundations on the slightly inclined asphalt surface and learnt all the pertaining skills of levelling right up to cement work.

    • Producing all the table frames (following the model delivered by the Mellow Park team) by KIDS & CO staff and young people. 25 young people were involved actively and were able to acquire job-related skills.

  • Day of Action 26th September 2012: Putting up the sub-structure under the guidance of the Mellow Park construction team and with the collaboration of young people from Hellersdorf

  • Further construction and completion of the construction by the SENFTE team and young people

  • Day of Action 9th November 2012: applying coping and surfacing under guidance of the Mellow Park construction team. The SENFTE team and the young people involved learnt many tricks from the professionals about how to fit the textured coated boards properly.

  • Completion of the ramps and fixing the railings by the SENFTE team and young people

  • Check by the Technical Inspectorate (TÜV)

  • Last faults were remedied by 28th March 2013.

  • Inauguration with a ramp fete on 5th April 2013

JUWEL for the district

With the hand-over of the roller sport ramp, the first of altogether three large and two smaller projects has been completed, which was initiated by young people for designing their neighbourhood within the scope of the project “JUWEL – young people want to lead successful lives”.

Thoughts of people involved and partners

15 and the only girl to lend substantial help in the construction):

I learnt to cut the boards properly, to measure them and to handle a cordless screwdriver. This was a good experience and a lot of fun.“

(25 and an active skater, also training his 7 year-old son at Liberty Park):

I was there from the word “go” and have learnt a lot from the Mellow Park building team and am now striving to work in this area in the future.“

Heiko Tille
(regional manager at the Youth Welfare Office of Marzahn-Hellersdorf):

For me, SENFTE 10 has been a figurehead for some time now for commitment and successful involvement of young people in the region and beyond. The new facility is further proof of this.“


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