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Strong against Racism

Intercultural learning, the experience-related intensive examination of “Being different” was the main subject of a project that ran from 2002 – 2005 and was sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

Federal Minister Dr Christine Bergmann gave the official starting shot at a press conference held on our premises. The model project was subsidised from funds of the special Entimon programme. Hundreds of pupils, young people and trainees took part in it successfully.

In preparation of learning tours of the multi-cultural borough of Kreuzberg, joint lessons and workshops were held. This is where the young people were confronted with “Being different”, using their very own well-known surroundings. They learnt how prejudice and xenophobia develop. On the subsequent city walking tours – connected with personal insights into the lives of young Berliners of various nationalities – the boys and girls came away with unique impressions of so far strange cultures. They got to know these cultures as an enrichment of the city and their everyday lives. The findings thus gained were furthered in subsequent project work in line with the wishes and interests of the young people.

International youth meetings in many countries of Europe led to friendships across national borders. In Poland, these meetings also yielded further learning. On project work at the concentration camp memorial Majdanek, the young people explored the personal histories of the inmates and got to know the consequences of xenophobia and hatred among nations.