Stark durch Erfahrung (Strong through experience)

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Creative suggestions for solutions and successful contents and methods for the support of careers guidance and the start of training. We use concrete examples of work with school students of forms 9 and 10, as well as with young people seeking training after compulsory schooling. And all of this presented vividly and supported by working aids.

Selbstauskünfte (Talking about yourself)

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Young people present themselves and their everyday lives, their concerns as well as their dreams warts and all. The moving interviews do not only paint a portrait of today’s society but at the same time make the sense of our work come to life in a very individual way.

Entdeckungen (Discoveries)

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Using the example of the work of the SpaceClub, this brochure shows how learning and fun can go hand in glove. Experimental, project-oriented contents and creative spaces invite the participants to experience exciting discoveries and to stimulate the inquiring minds of the KIDS.

Miteinander (Doing it together)

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This report on our experience introduces methods and practical examples for intercultural learning at KIDS & CO. It is highlighted vividly how important intercultural learning is in order to assess conflicts of everyday life, to bear, to tolerate and to accept otherness or ­ in the best case ­ embrace and enjoy it.

People On The Move

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This project documentation shows with the help of what methods and with what results KIDS & CO implements intercultural learning processes for the development of tolerance and openness among school students of Marzahn-Hellersdorf.