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experiences of previous participants

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Felix R. (19)

I was placed in a charity shop for my internship in England. This placement was crucial for me to get the trainee position as a retail salesman in Germany that I wanted. That’s why I can only recommend IdA to everybody. Although it hasn’t always been easy. For example, I could only communicate using gestures but I took heart and I was received very friendly.

Florian M. (23)

It was impossible for me to find work as a bicycle mechanic.

I heard about the IdA project in the job centre and I was delighted. During the preparation phase, I was placed in the KIDS & CO garage and I was supported greatly in the application process. When visiting a vocational training fair, I was able to convince them with my documents and my upcoming internship abroad and was promised a trainee position as an industrial electronics technician on the spot.

I was working at a PC shop in England. I loved the relaxed work atmosphere and the moderate work hours. I was able to take away a lot for the future – especially little things, such as properly handling money. It helps me a lot now that I’m being trained in Freiberg – far away from my family in Berlin.

Markus G. (24)

Paul H. (23)

I always wanted to be a chef. Because of my learning difficulties, I applied for positions to no avail for a long time. Being referred to the IdA by the job centre has proven to be my stepping stone.

I lived in England for 8 weeks and I worked at a restaurant. The Stables Café is a busy location in the park of Burnley. I was placed in service – I had to learn to speak English to the guests, to understand their orders and to communicate these to the kitchen. As I learnt fast on the job, they offered me a trainee position at the Stables. Unfortunately, the means were not enough to cover the daily life, which is why I could not accept the position and returned to Berlin.

Here, I found a trainee position a few weeks later at a restaurant called April in Charlottenburg. The internship abroad and the great support from KIDS & CO in England and during the application process are what got me a foot in the door in the end. Thanks for everything.

Petr R. (23)

I gained more confidence through IdA. I gained work experience at J2 Computers, I learnt English and I got a trainee position as a system integration specialist, which I had always dreamt of. Although I had done the Abitur (highest German school-leaving qualification), I had previously only received rejections from training companies – also because my English wasn’t great.

When I returned to Germany, I was able to secure four job interviews and two job offers. My internship in England was discussed at all companies and clearly worked to my advantage.

Stefanie T. (25)

I only trained as a saleswoman because Aldi accepted me and I didn’t want to sit around at home. I realised quickly that commerce isn’t my cup of tea. I didn’t want to quit, so I finished my training. To change to a different job was rather difficult. I already had a job after all!

For several years, I made my way from one minor employment job to another until I was referred to the IdA by the job centre. For 8 weeks I was in Burnley, Northern England, and I worked at a charity shop.

What I was able to take away from it are good English skills, the knowledge that I could live and work anywhere in the world and confidence for a fresh start. When I returned, I applied for educational training as a media designer / graphic designer and got accepted.

Sven K. (24)

To live and work in England – was an adventure and a chance, I would not have had without IdA. I didn’t have any vocational training – I always preferred working – and was at KIDS & CO’s painter’s shop before I went to England.

In Burnley, I worked as a cleaner in an old people’s home.

Although I did not learn English very well, I was able to get to know young English people and to find new friends. It was a great time.

I used this practical experience in my applications and I got a job as a room boy in a hotel. I am also responsible for cleaning here. My boss saw my internship abroad as a crucial point and it actually proved to be my stepping stone!

Timo R. (20)

The IdA project helped me a lot in my career planning. I was interested in media and social work. During the preparation phase, I worked on a film project at KIDS & CO. In England, I was placed with a social project. Bottomline: I am more confident and more independent. I improved my English skills greatly. I am now starting vocational training as an audio-visual media designer.

Yvonne B. (23)

I am training to be an animal care attendant. I have just finished the first year of training. My success here is also due to the IdA project. During my internship in London, I didn’t only improve my English but worked with animals, which boosted my vocational dream. It convinced the training company and was an important step towards my dream job as an animal trainer.

Internship in London – Participants from the IdA project 2012-2014 report

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