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A Parkour site is built

The main aim of Phil, Dennis and their friends of the “Easy Movement” group is to train publicly for Parkour, which is a trendy type of sport and an art of movement. Above all, the young people want to provide attractive meeting places and creative leisure time offers for their peers.

Picking up on their ideas, the company ParkourOne GmbH Berlin prepared two designs.

These were discussed in public planning workshops with young people and also put forward for a vote online.

The district authorities of Marzahn-Hellersdorf of Berlin and the Wolfang-Amadeus-Mozart communal school made available a small playing field at the sports field of Cottbusser Strasse.

This building project is being implemented now – with the involvement of the young people.

This design won with 146 out of 190 votes!

The Parkour site is supported by ParkourOne.