Recommended age group(s):

13 to 25 year-olds

Offers apply to the location(s):

Senfte 10

Anyone can join in for this spectacular trend sport, whoever has fun with exercise and wants to combine body control with endurance and creativity. The daily environment is turned into a racetrack. Obstacles are overcome skilfully in record time – with some spectacular jumps.

This sport requires endurance, speed and jumping power as well as coordination and a lot of creativity.

Young Philip and Dennis, both 15 and from the borough of Hellersdorf, are the initiators of this offer. They set up a group in Hellersdorf, together with some friends and provide information on current events through their website “”.

Every Saturday, the basics and important techniques of the parcouring sports may be practised at the gym of the Mozart School. Philip and Manuel are available as licensed voluntary trainers.

Anyone interested may contact:


Kids & Co Senfte 10

Mail: Senfte(at)