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Medieval fete

A holiday day in the middle ages – our summer hit in August 2012

The last day of the summer holidays was one of the most thrilling for many children and young families from Marzahn-Hellersdorf and surroundings. Once more, voluntary members of the medieval fantasy group “Accubare mediaevaliter” extended an invitation for their fete at SONNENECK garden where they captured the audience with a spectacular programme.

Knight Aldarion and his combatants performed their art of fighting convincingly in their tournaments. They presented suits of armour from different epochs. The old craft of smithery was introduced. Archery and many traditional and in part long forgotten games were played. And there were also creative offers, such as felting. Medieval live music, song, dance and acrobatics as well as a wonderful fire-show enthralled young and old. Herald Eric accompanied the guests with his mighty voice and a lot of humour throughout the day. And of course there was plenty to eat and drink, for instance, hog roast and other tasty treats.

Already weeks before the fete, young people at the KIDS & CO workshops built the backdrops, sawed, carpentered, painted decorations and designed costumes. Our sincere thanks for an unforgettable day goes out to all people involved, especially to Monique Zander-Scheel who once more organised the festivities in a very professional manner. And we would like to thank the sponsors, such as the Blumenfee and the Stiftung Zukunft für Berlin for making possible this unforgettable day.

We are able to tell all the enthusiastic guests and interested people in this event – we will carry on! In August 2013, we have once more planned a medieval fete.

The medieval fete is supported by:

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