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Youth Club Joker

Recommended age group(s):

15 - 25 year-olds

Offers apply to the location(s):


Surprises at the JOKER

This is where you can juggle, kick around a ball, dance, cook, play crazy golf, play darts, billiards, table tennis or beach volleyball. Coming up with ever new ideas and offers, the JOKER team extends its invitation to join in sports and games at their building or the neighbouring sports ground.

As a green oasis at the entrance to the Wuhletal valley, the JOKER is an exciting place to discover nature. Cycle tours and adventurous expeditions are very popular. In spring and summer, a nesting box fitted with a camera provides direct insights into the everyday life of birds.

Excerpt from the programme:

  • Mondays, 4 pm: football,

  • Tuesdays, 4 pm: juggling,

  • Thursdays, 4 pm: Zumba®,

  • Fridays (as required): Children’s assembly – wishes, ideas and what now?

  • Saturdays: cooking

Being planned: field hockey