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Join in appreciated

Kids and young people have many wishes and dreams for changing their everyday lives. We take their ideas seriously and help make them come true. Joining in pays off, this is what the following examples show.

Current projects:

A Parkour site is built

The main aim of Phil, Dennis and their friends of the “Easy Movement” group is to train publicly for Parkour, which is a trendy type of sport and an art of movement. Above all, the young people want to provide attractive meeting places and creative leisure time offers for their peers. ... read more >>

Ramp construction at Liberty Park

With 4 metres in height, 23 metres in length and 8 metres in width, the meanwhile completed mini ramp is the new landmark of Liberty Park at the SENFTE 10 Sports Youth Club. It’s a magnet for skaters and BMXers, not only from Hellersdorf. As has long become a successful tradition at SENFTE ... read more >>

"Helle Oase"

How does one landscape urban wasteland of 4,000 square metres in size to turn it into an attractive space for the neighbours? This is a question that met with open ears among many players on site. Suggestions were gathered and possibilities of implementation discussed. The neighbourhood initiative “Schaff Dir Platz" ... read more >>

Redevelopment of the small sports field Cottbusser Platz

Mission: Red Dust – it was a back-breaking job. But it was well worth it. The small sports field Cottbusser Strasse has been more or less completely redeveloped thanks to the commitment of many helpers. 80 tons of lavalite ground filler material alone were ... read more >>

Graffiti Gallery

Very trendy … the new graffiti gallery at the sports field Cottbusser Strasse. Everyone can spray here – alone or in a team and everything legally. The 10-metre long and 2.5-metre high surface, usable from both sides, was produced from wood and fitted with a protective roof by young people from the JUWEL project. ... read more >>

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