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More variety in everyday school life

Recommended age group(s):

from 13 years

Apply to:

Wolfgang-Amadeus-Mozart-Gemeinschafts- schule

Relaxation from the school lessons and a different kind of learning during leisure time, this is what our project offers provided within the bonus programme for Berlin schools. Depending on the wishes of the partner schools, this might include clubs for sports, fashion, the media, theatre or dance, as well as vocational orientation in projects of wood and metal working or in the kitchen.

Our school pupils club at W.A. Mozart comprehensive school is especially popular. There is a chilled atmosphere in which everyone may play, relax, chat or learn. The school pupils also feel at home here with their small and big problems.

Social work at the school’s training room

This is an offer that supports social learning at the school and offers a free zone to the school pupils in crisis situations. This is where they will receive all the attention, which they may require in the respective situation in order to start joining the regular classes again at a certain point in time. Together with the school pupils, concepts are developed against mobbing and discrimination and subsequently implemented at school.


Gerd Kokles

Senior social worker

E-mail: gkokles(at)kids-und-co.de