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International Encounters

Recommended age group(s):

12 - 27 year olds

The offer applies to the following institution(s):

JOKER, Senfte, Sonneneck

Get to know your neighbours - explore countries - experience culture - discover history- reduce prejudices - enjoy travels - invite friends

Our international encounters that are accompanied by social workers are especially intended for children and teenagers who would otherwise not have a chance to meet and learn to understand young people from other countries and cultures, as well as to reflect on and understand their own day-to-day life from a new perspective.

Our network of international partners continues to grow steadily.

e would love to send you current information and dates for planned youth encounters in Berlin or in Europe via email: info(at)kids-und-co.de.

Selected partners:


Our long-standing partner is the University of Bal?kesir, the capital of Bal?kesir province in northern Turkey.

The international department of the university supports the encounter of young people from all over Europe with diverse activities. A trip to Turkey will guarantee excitement on all sides. Unmatched hospitality and great programmes are characteristic of this partner.


Our partner organisation C.M.S.E.A. hails from the Lorraine region, more specifically from the department Metz that is situated between the rivers Moselle and Sarre in the far east of France.

The representative helps young people with special educational needs through street work, support in parenting and accompanied training.

Our regular sport or education youth encounters lead to friendships and let language barriers fade away.


With Mingye Zhang and the Chinese-German Association for Art and Culture Exchange e.V., we are starting summer academies in the area of trade. German and Chinese young people aged between 12 and 20 years can learn trade skills and discover talents at our workshops in joint projects.


There have been close relationships with the Canal-Boat-Adventure Project in Halton since 1999. Halton is a twin town of our borough Marzahn-Hellersdorf and is situated in western England, in the vicinity of Liverpool and Manchester. As is the case with KIDS & CO, here, socially deprived kids and young people are encouraged and supported by a series of leisure activities. In bilateral youth encounters, the region is being explored with canal boats; they play and learn together. Life within a confined space and under extraordinary circumstances. Reliability is key here - A successful project to strengthen social competence, we believe.


Das Burnley-College der im Nordwesten Englands gelegenen Kleinstadt Burnley ist eine sehr moderne Berufsschule und bietet auch jungen Menschen mit Startschwierigkeiten auf dem Weg in Ausbildung vielfältige Lernmöglichkeiten. Internationale Erfahrungen zu sammeln gehört für Lehrer/-innen und Schüler/-innen unbedingt dazu. Regelmäßig organisieren wir gemeinsame Aktivitäten in Berlin.


The Fundacja (Foundation) Razem from the Polish twin town to our borough Marzahn-Hellersdorf organises leisure activities for young people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. To support development, the foundation employs animal-assisted therapy amongst others. Using dogs, for example, instils a feeling of security and wellbeing in the participants.

International encounters in Berlin itself are also a popular offer of the foundation to encourage self-confidence, openness and independence.


International youth encounters are funded by the Deutsch-Französische Jugendwerk (DFJW), das Deutsch-Polnische Jugendwerk (DPJW), den Kinder- und Jugendplan des Bundes (KJP) sowie dem EU Erasmus+ programme

Participants talk about their experience (German only):

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